Our Açaí tastes good for various reasons.

Our certified organic is Açaí hand picked, wild harvested and non-GMO. We offer only the highest grade organic Açaí­ available on the market and we are the first company in Europe to offer certified organic Açaí­, making 'Simply Açaí' one of the top Açaí­ distributors in Europe. This way we ensure that every pack ofAçaí­ puree is packed full of Antioxidants, omega fats and essential amino acids.

Organic Pure Açaí

100 grams packs

Highest grade Açaí Speciale. Its Nutritious, its Organic and its Pure.. Great for adding to fruit smoothies, or you can have it mixed with bananna and / or honey topped with your preferred fruits and nuts.

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18kg pail

Great for businesses or if you plan to make soe delicious ready to eat Acai bowl for the market.

150kg drum

Suitable for industries

2.9kg Pail

Great for small businesses

At SimplyAçaí we offer different range of portions suitable for various industry sizes. If you resprent restaurants, juice bars, retain stores, coffee shops or factories and would like to know more about our product, kindly fill the form below and we will get back to you at earliest time.