We have a simple philosophy, that's why we call it SIMPLY Açaí

Having been health and fitness fan we have always been into exploring new diet trends. We have always known Açaí as an antioxidant in the form of capsules and powders, but we never knew what actually Açaí itself tastes and looks like, what other ways this fruit is possibly used, what are its nutritious values. All these questions set off the start of our journey. It took us all the way to Amazon in Brazil where we saw Açaí plantations and blimey! We learnt a lot about this amazing fruit, we tasted it right off the tree, we met farmers and learnt about their unique harvesting technics, we were excited to see Açaí in street stalls of Belem served as main dish alongside fish and in Rio as breakfast bowl and smoothies. We continued the journey back to the UK to make it available to you here in Simply Açaí and we are so happy about it.

Ethical Harvesting

We support our harvesters and value them for the way Açaí is sourced. We partner with only fair trade and organic suppliers and are committed to giving back a proportion of our annual sales to contribute to biodiversity in the Amazon.

Passionate about our community

We aim to promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for our customers, suppliers and local community. Life really should taste as good as Açaí

Simplicity and Purity is our aim

We have a simple philosophy, strong values and ethical standards. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Açaí­ to the market place and nothing more.